Atec 400 - Multibeam sonar

Atec 400 is our new multibeam sonar system. It combines a sonar from NORBIT with software from Olex. While being compact and handy, Atec 400 is accurate and powerful. No junction box or control PC is needed, just connect the sonar directly to the Olex!

The sonar uses broadband technology for increased range and accuracy. With its high ping rate and wide maximum swath coverage of 180 degrees, Atec 400 is especially effective in shallow water survey. At greater depths, one can reduce the swath range in order to increase the ping rate. During seatrials we have been able to map down to 250 meters.

When Atec 400 is set to Auto, Olex determines various parameters such as pulse length, bandwidth, and more. The sonar is continuously adjusted to provide maximum ping rate and best resolution, based on the varying water depth. Atec 400 can also be manually controlled by the user, if more fine tuning is desired.

Through our dealers, we offer a complete survey system consisting of Olex, sonar, and different solutions for position, attitude and sound velocity. One can for instance choose Olex Tripos and auto sound speed as a mid-range solution, or RTK-GPS, Kongsberg MRU and Valeport SVP for best results. The collected seabed data can be exported as complete Olex 3D models, as text files for import to other GIS or as screenshots.

Technical specifications

A typical setup of Atec 400, with accompanying sensors and software, may consist of the following:

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