Release notes

14.5 22/7-2020

- Minor: better emergency fonts, Subsonus Tag numbers

14.4 29/5-2020

- Supports modern id on older machines

- Better control over visibility of AIS target names

- Better recognition of AN vs NMEA

- Minor: cosmetics, progress bar

- Bug fixes: timestamps on routes converted from past trips

- Bug fixes: $PASHR, line joining, invalid Atec soundspeed, UP nokkel

- Bug fixes: YUM cruft, US snag file conversion

14.3 16/4-2020

- Enables bulk changes of line colours and symbol types

- Supports more than two displays

- Onscreen configuration of all displays

- Better support for Nobletec conversion

- Minor: Much faster drawing of stationary trips, GLL is greyed out

- Minor: Proper HGPS timing of Furuno FCV-295, Plot layer button

- Bug fixes: Subsonus demo, video card acceleration

14.2 16/3-2020

- Dramatically faster in some situations

- Present trip for AIS

- Minimisation of period graph window

- Period control of water temperature

- GLL for Subsonus Tag to external equipment

- Serial ports can be locked to NMEA only

- Minor: Nobletec conversion, Atec internal pressure

- Minor: Faster Period calculation, unneeded display refresh

- Minor: Better More-window for sources of NMEA and ANPP

- Bug fixes: Atec erroneous hardness streaking

- Bug fixes: Memory leak in plotter objects, theoretic Period crash

- Bug fixes: Conversion between ISO8859-1 and UTF-8 for BarentsWatch

- Bug fixes: Some flashing buttons, Subsonus augmentation

14.1 23/12-2019

- Event marks for Subsonus Tags

- Bug fixes: Berner, passwords, Subsonus heading, AIS speed filter setting

- Bug fixes: Plotter time filtering, Debug redim, AN

- Bug fixes: Dual display 3D button flashes

14.0 16/12-2019

- Better time filtering of plotter objects

- Optional password for file handling

- Shows which NMEA sentences are being sent where, through port 16700

- Better ergonomics when adjusting the plot layers for an object

- Adjustable life span for special targets from TLL, WPL and such

- Minor: AIS timeouts, AIS targets, Subsonus running time, no Subsonus HDT

- Minor: Import timestamp for Internet plotter objects

- Bug fixes: Undefined mouse buttons, period selector, VTG

12.3 26/11-2019

- Plotter object time grouping also applies to past trips.

- Own ship and vectors can be set to shimmer.

- Minor: Various adjustments after PME.

12.2 19/11-2019

- New time grouping of plotter objects

- Screen decluttering: various onscreen panes can be collapsed

- Hardness from Furuno echosounders like FCV-295

- Speed filtering of AIS tracking

- Signal quality filtering of Subsonus Tags

- Minor: AIS flags, Subsonus, depth contours,

- Bug fixes: AIS, Subsonus, ANPP

12.1 26/9-2019

- Supports Subsonus with heading from own ship

- Minor: Detection of ANPP vs NMEA

- Bug fixes: SL7 autoupdate, SL7 timezone, AIS without own MMSI

- Bug fixes: WiFi, satellite graph

12.0 2/9-2019

- Supports Subsonus from Advanced Navigation

- Supports ChartWorld C-MAP

- Updated NGU Marine maps

- Drawing functions: Line segment length, rotation of group

- Minor: Cosmetic adjustments for Subsonus, error reporting

- Bug fixes: Own ship AIS, WiFi selector flash

11.9 14/7-2019

- Supports AN protocol from Advanced Navigation

- Configuration and use of WiFi, if available

- Minor: Reporting of gear

- Bug fixes: DX import, fstab, file(1)

11.8 2/5-2019

- Minor: Auto report track, cosmetics

- Bug fixes: Single and dual screen for older machines

11.7 30/4-2019

- Lots of new tidal data for Alaska

- Compares predicted and observed tides when stationary

- New keyboard buttons to dim the screen: Esc, Insert, End

- Faster drawing of plotter marks

- Here-button to create event marks

- Minor: Machine id type depending on existing nokkel

- Minor: Various ergonomics

- Bug fixes: Atec communication, graphic acceleration, dual display

11.6 17/3-2019

- Support for Scientific Linux 7.6 and 6.10

- New BIOS based id/nokkel format, to support storage like NVMe

- Plotter data from ECC Globe via Microsoft Access -> CVS

- Minor: subtle rounding improvement of deeper mapped depths

- Minor: ergonomic improvements, empty AIS username/password

- Minor: UDP debugging, Spectre and Meltdown mitigation

- Minor: heave graph, fancy bathymetry grayscale logic

- Bug fixes: Firewall on SL6.10, disused MAC address

- Bug fixes: Malformed Ruter data, AIS ghost button

- Bug fixes: Automated Ruter cleaning, multifile XYZ export

11.5 15/11-2018

- Still more improved reporting of fishing gear

- Wider CPA warning against AIS targets

- New demo for Koden CVF-FX2

- Minor: faster mousewheel zooming, faster zoom & pan during rapid mapping

- Bug fixes: NMEA GSV, theoretical crash, Atec400

11.4 5/11-2018

- New function to inspect tides anywhere

- More names on vector charts

- Improved reporting of fishing gear

- Fixed nuisance corruption of Atec400

- Minor: Better screen refresh, improved URL listing, number of AIS targets

- Minor: Difficult tide names, mouse wheel zooming

- Bug fixes: Autoreporting, various vector chart issues

11.3 26/9-2018

- Adjusted hardness values again from Kaijo KSE-300, to be from -50 to -10.

- Bug fixes: Spurious warnings and Curl RPMs for fresh Olex installs

11.2 24/9-2018

- Free Norwegian charts, "Norgeskart", always included

- Adjusted hardness values from Kaijo KSE-300

- Upgraded NMG charts from NGU

- Curl upgraded for all supported versions of Scientific Linux

- Bug fixes: Reporting fishing gear, multibeam sound velocity startup

- Bug fixes: Automatic turns in Autonav for some autopilots

- Bug fixes: Internet marker, F2 keypress, ergonomics

11.1 24/8-2018

- With Berner function, to make plotter objects more visible

- Always shows CPA for AIS targets, to help trawlers

- Modified position format in fishing gear report emails

11.0 20/8-2018

- New system for reporting fishing gear over email

- New free Norwegian charts, "Norgeskart"

- Better support for Atec-200

- Internet access always displayed

- Minor: Atec halfauto, Atec timing, Atec cosmetics, AML BaseX2

- Bug fixes: HDT outside bounds, invisible hotkeys

10.10 14/6-2018

- Better Atec-200 performance through automatic minimum range

- New system for hotkeys: bind various symbols to keyboard keys

- Optional smoothing of ROV positions

- Bug fixes: AIS distances, Autopilot turns

10.9 15/5-2018

- Moving, copying, scaling and rotating groups of plotter objects

- Plotting of circles, squares and rectangles

- Supports ice charts from and BarentsWatch

- Better support for large amount of AIS data

- Inland AIS data parametres

- Optional smoothing of course and speed

- Cleaner autopilot interfacing

- Includes all NMG charts from NGU

- Better ergonomy around raster charts

- Able to import huge sets of bottom data or XYZ files

- Minor: ChartWorld ACES, individual URL downloads, large bathy imports

- Minor: No SSL certificate option, wave heights in feet or meters

- Minor: Better interpolation of position, if active

- Minor: Atec-200 firmware 4.7.206, better import of foreign plotter data

- Minor: Atec internal pressure, Autonav

- Bug fixes: Hot bathy colours

10.8 1/3-2018

- Drastically faster bottom mapping through concurrent computing

- Closer integration with BarentsWatch, for named gear data

- Better GRIB support

- Minor: Erroneous wind, longer water temperatures, longer TLL

- Bug fixes: GRIB vessel speed settings, constant merkemanefase

- Bug fixes: URL characters, BarentsWatch compression

10.7 24/1-2018

- Proper GRIB wave directions

- Supports more GRIB datatypes

- More elaborate naming of plotter objects

- Moon phase for plotter objects if flagfile merkemanefase is present

- Minor: Cosmetic GRIB improvements, longer URLs

- Minor: Internet AIS, Atec center depth

- Bug fixes: hardness on old-fashioned 3D, fonts if on Internet

- Bug fixes: objects crossing the Pacific date line

- Bug fixes: invalid AIS temperature

10.6 14/11-2017

- Faster GRIB

- Generates 16-bit booting for 8-bit machines, if GRIB

- Minor: GRIB file recognition

10.5 6/11-2017

- Minor: New buttons remove all weather files and all URLs

- Bug fixes: Internet downloads on older Linux, Pacific Ocean shenanigans

10.4 1/11-2017

- Bug fixes: Plotter lines, speed improvements, Pacific dateline, GRIB

10.3 17/10-2017

- Configurable colour of vectors for own ship course and heading

- New button to undo all AIS Track Forever

- Minor: BarentsWatch

- Bug fixes: translations, GRIB, AIS over Internet

10.2 9/10-2017

- Minor: Y-axis readout of meteogram

- Bug fixes: GRIB, file browsing

10.1 7/10-2017

- Faster file browsing

- Minor: GRIB

- Bug fixes: showstopping bug that could prevent system bootup, ntpdate

10.0 6/10-2017

- Faster zooming and panonering

- Supports configuring of DHCP

- Automatic downloading of plotter objects, like from Barentswatch

- Bug fixes: slow deletion of multiple plotter objects

- Bug fixes: larger chart selection window, GRIB cosmetics, AIS

9.3 25/9-2017

- New GRIB system for weather forecasts

- New NGU marine map types

- Better handling of raster charts

- Manual control of Atec minimum depth range

- Fallback to static sound velocity for Atec missing local probe

- Better and more stable zooming when under heavy load

- New button to tell if AIS comes from Internet

- Enforces internal timezone to be UTC

- Minor: Atec, narrow bottom zoom, import of long/lat/elevation

- Minor: Hondex in feet, AIS

- Bug fixes: zooming, zero-length routes

9.2 4/5-2017

- Supports Scientific Linux 6.9

- Minor: Atec partno, Galileo

- Bug fixes: loading of compressed files

9.1 8/3-2017

- Configuration of NMEA over Ethernet

- Official support for SeapiX multibeam echosounder

- Tentative support for Mesotech M3 multibeam echosounder

- Optionally numbered tracks and event marks

- Outputs remote GPS-heave as either TSS1 or GPhve

- Max baud rate increased to 230400

- Minor: Mareano and NGU, AIS targets, Atec errors, cosmetics

- Minor: AIS weather, heave, CPU utilization

- Bug fixes: Nightly trip restart, intermittent slow zooming

- Bug fixes: Lino settings, NMEA logging garbage

9.0 15/11-2016

- Supports Scientific Linux 6.8

- Supports hardness from Simrad ES80

- New data types from NGU

- Supports hardness from Kaijo KSE-300

- Modernised AIS, including alarms, passwords, parameter settings etc

- Shows weather reports from various AIS sources

- Sends remote heave from GPS to various heave points

- Better redistribution of NMEA data to all COM ports

- Minor: $SDDBK, dealer backup scripts, cosmetics

- Bug fixes: ChartWorld permits, ergonomics

8.12 14/9-2016

- Flashes some unpressed buttons that should normally be activated

- New Atec demo shows mapping without any attitude sensor

- Minor: Support scripts for technician field work

- Bug fixes: multibeam hardness, ship symbol placement, Kaijo KSE-300, Atec

8.11 15/8-2016

- New system for automatic calibration of Atec seafloor hardness

- Supports ACES-charts from ChartWorld

- Supports new MAREANO charts from NGU

- Experimental support for Simrad PSIMDB and Kaijo KSE-300

- Better support for dual displays

- Better fonts for large displays

- Minor: Fathoms, TSS1, Valeport Swift, Atec

- Bug fixes: dual displays

8.10 2/5-2016

- Supports Atec firmware 4.4.147 with bottom hardness

- Allows adjustment of Atec swath roll, minimum range and sonar heading

- Sound speed profile from Valeport SWIFT

- Minor: Atec ergonomy, large XYZ exports, magnetic pilot

- Bug fixes: Atec: Auto soundspeed, powerdown, minimum range

8.9 16/3-2016

- Supports Kongsberg MRU via both serial and UDP/IP

- Profile graph shows slope along two points

- Higher resolution of the new hot colors

- Various Atec improvements

- Bug fixes: Hondex PHDX in feet

8.8 3/2-2016

- Resets Atec to previous state upon bootup

- Better ergonomy with debugging of NMEA to Atec

- Improved the new hot colors and auto depth range coloring

- Bug fixes: Atec demo, hot colors in feet and fathoms

8.7 19/1-2016

- Tentative support for SeapiX

- Choice of lefthand or righthand 2D/3D-screens

- Automatic depth-scaling of 2D views, including hot colours relief

- NMEA over both UDP/IP and TCP/IP

- Minor: Simrad 200-7C, latest Atec versions, Atec internal temperature

- Bug fixes: Translations, calculation radius, TCP/IP, Atec NaN

8.6 6/9-2015

- Supports Scientific Linux 6.7

- Allows NMEA over both serial ports and TCP/IP

- Supports Sami language on vector charts

- Minor: NOAA, SOSI, Atec

- Bug fixes: Colour errors on certain nVidia video cards

8.5 17/8-2015

- Supports the new Atec 400 multibeam

- Profile graph shows distance along both surface and seabed

- Smaller minimum cell size in depth databases

- Bug fixes: Water temperature corrections, negative timestamps, HGPS

8.4 14/4-2015

- More Swedish translations

- Bug fixes: lost input lines, ship vector colors, ranging information

8.3 9/4-2015

- First incomplete support for Korean language

- Supports Scientific Linux 6.6

- Sky view of GPS satellites, via NMEA GSA and GSV

- Hardness and ping timing from Koden echosounders

- Removed experimental weather forecasts from GRIB files

- Uses all serial ports mentioned in serieporter

- More AIS ship types

- Minor: depth database management, HGPS, multibeam attitude, Tripos

8.2 12/6-2014

- Choice of three, four or five position decimal digits

- Event marks via NMEA WPL if -eventwpl in serieporter file

- Minor: kartinfo, serial ports, NMEA errors, new SHAPE and SOSI objects

- Bug fixes: GPS error messages

8.1 20/5-2014

- Much improved serial port handling and diagnostics

- Supports Scientific Linux 6.5

- Minor: Chart files window, raster charts in 8 bit

- Bug fixes: NMEA VTG, bootup, file browser, SHAPE, S63

- Bug fixes: depth backup in Lino, kartinfo permissions

8.0 28/3-2014

- Experimental support of BSB raster charts

- Supports SAM-X and ice charts

- Closed boundaries in Nobletec data, for OFCC

- Minor: Virtual machines, Tripos reset, ChartWorld, multibeam

- Minor: Heading from Attitude, file copying

- Bug fixes: S63 V1.1, Tripos, slettutvalgkp, plotter import

7.40 19/11-2013

- Bug fixes: Reading from USB sticks

7.39 8/11-2013

- Supports S63 V1.1 and loading of X.509 certificate

- Proper handling of AIS-SART, AIS-MOB and AIS-EPIRB

- Supports Scientific Linux 6.4

- Colored plotter lines also in night mode

- Minor: Smallest zoom, moving of files, vector chart names

- Minor: Wassp IP address, unknown chart objects

- Bug fixes: Tripos, chart building

7.38 26/5-2013

- Much improved Tripos, with offset centerpoint

- No time filtering of plotter objects with timestamp 0

- Better control over HGPS log files

- Ctrl+alt+leftmouse draws plotter line through depth soundings

- Minor: Vector chart and Wassp menus, topmarks, Mareano, onscreen manual

- Minor: BI500 recommendations for ES70

- Bug fixes: AIS AtoN, latest ChartWorld, plotter line straightening

- Bug fixes: Water temperature fonts, ES70 C38/200, various cosmetics

7.37 4/3-2013

- Onscreen manual through the lower righthand Olex logo

- Supports Norwegian unencrypted naval ENCs

- Minor: S57 topmarks, inverse bottom zoom, Mareano info, ChartWorld labels

- Bug fixes: Various minor cosmetic blemishes

7.36 19/12-2012

- Wider support for Mareano bottom typing charts

- SOSI charts visible on all zoom levels

- Various vector chart improvements

- Bug fixes: SL6.3, XYZ input coredumps, DNS08 for HGPS

7.35 26/11-2012

- Supports Scientific Linux 6.3

- Tripos now supports Wassp and HGPS

- Much faster zooming with complex vector charts

- HGPS graph of 12 hour GPS accuracy

- Selective resolution of own ship tracking

- Partial Shapefile support, for Sea Lion Rookeries/Mareano/geology

- Bug fixes: ChartWorld names, Wassp heading adjust, HPR/ITI-tracks

- Bug fixes: Wassp stationary position, own ship tracking

7.34 13/8-2012

- Implements Olex Tripos: three-antenna pitch/roll/heading/pos/height

- Minor: Attitude from NMEA $PRDID and $RDID

- Minor: JRC JLR-21, HGPS logging, HGPS demo files, GeoNames

- Bug fixes: Wassp auto soundspeed, plotter track length

- Bug fixes: Depth sounding animation

7.33 17/4-2012

- Supports Scientific Linux 6.2

- New intuitive 3D camera movement control

- HGPS soundings recorded to directory hgpslogg

- Water temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit

- Tracks and marks optimized upon startup; backup to Ruter-preupgrade

- Minor: Attitude from JRC JLR-21, autopilot RMC/VTG/GLL, NMEA timestamps

- Minor: Swedish translations, Kongsberg EM options, 3D shadows

- Bug fixes: Command execution, Kongsberg EM positioning, vector chart holes

- Bug fixes: Scientific Linux 6.1, xtide messages, night/dimmed crash

7.32 2/1-2012

- Attitude correction for single beam HGPS soundings

- Choice of new and/or old ChartWorld charts if loaded

- Minor: nomodeset on FC11/FC12, Koden ARPA short range hack

- Minor: ES60 noise suppression, bathymetric import speedups

- Minor: Number of databases increased from 100 to 1000

- Bug fixes: Intermittent vessel track, vector chart holes on new Intel

- Bug fixes: Water temperature black/grey, crash during massive error removal

7.31 9/10-2011

- Latest computers supported via Scientific Linux 6.1

- New HGPS key for improved single beam mapping

- New RE key for at-sea depth exporting API

- Anchor line simulation on profile graph

- Much faster 16-bit graphics

- Minor: AML soundspeedprobe, Leica NMEA LLQ, Koden NMEA TTM, currents map

- Minor: ECC Globe, empty plot layers, selective AIS tracking

- Bug fixes: Screendumps, Wassp issues, database export, file name spaces

7.30 4/4-2011

- Swedish translations

- Supports Wassp version 51

- Wassp transducer temperature correction

- Configurable ITI door sensor orientation

- Minor: Water temperature calibration, mean hardness, MBES historical tides

- Bug fixes: Wassp blockage seen in 7.29, Hondex in fathoms

7.29 23/2-2011

- Supports Fedora 14

- Dimming and night colors on 16-bit graphics

- Transformation of Wassp data between ITRF2005 and Euref89

- Minor: Trimble GPS roll, Valeport Midas SVP

- Bug fixes: Import of large datasets, autopilot waypoints, FC2/FC3 upgrade

7.28 1/11-2010

- Accurate depths when using autospeed with Wassp

- Minor: Wassp demos, profile graph mean values

- Bug fixes: keyboard shortcuts, chart building, GeoNames

- Bug fixes: Nameless USB devices,

7.27 21/10-2010

- Supports Fedora 13

- Supports CentOS 5.5 - works better than Fedora for some graphics cards

- Supports SOSI version 4

- True soundspeed profiles for Wassp, from Valeport MiniSVP and others

- Bug fixes: Flashing navlights, olexplot import, Wassp auto soundspeed

- Bug fixes: SOSI import, latest ChartWorld, Wassp minimum speed

7.26 6/9-2010

- Minor: Various Wassp refinements

- Bug fixes: Wassp raw files, absolute GPS height

7.25 16/8-2010

- Absolute GPS height as alternative to tide and heave for Wassp

- Includes some GeoNames compiled as S57 for additional names on vector charts

- Supports hardness from Hondex echosounders

- Contains DNSC08MSS data north of 40N for Wassp absolute heights

- Bug fixes: depth backup hangup, ChartWorld loading, file browsing

7.24 18/6-2010

- Profile graph allows comparing two depth databases

- Minor: Night dimmer, Canadian tidal web files for Wassp postprocessing

- Minor: Backup split files naming scheme

- Bug fixes: Autospeed process overflow, Wassp pulse lengths

- Bug fixes: Plotter time filter, 80kHz Wassp hardness

7.23 14/5-2010

- Still improved automatic sound speed profiling

- Wassp bathymetry scaled by sound speed value on the Olex Settings menu

- Large backups split into file_0, file_1 etc

- Minor: Plotter objects time filter, negative time stamps

7.22 2/5-2010

- Improved automatic sound speed profiling

- Removes WASSP bottom detection wiggle

- Improved multibeam center beampunch filter

- Bug fixes: Network link to WASSP

7.21 12/4-2010

- First official automatic Wassp sound speed profiling

- Minor: Autopilot XTE, overlapping hardness, file name characters

- Bug fixes: Workarounds for various Wassp V50 issues

- Bug fixes: Wassp raw file logging, heading via MBES, HDOP nomenclature

7.20 15/3-2010

- Experimental automatic Wassp water sound speed

- Plot layer improvement: More layers, time filter

- Full or partial automatic 3D camera

- MRU external speed now optional

- Minor: MRU heave filter, plotter speed

- Bug fixes: Wassp V50 rollbias, ISO files under Fedora 11

7.19 25/12-2009

- Supports Fedora 12

- Tightened criterias of Wassp fish detections

- Improved conversion of OFCC seabed cable data

- Minor: AIS track lifespan selections, Nobletec converter

- Bug fixes: Serial port handling on M1 with Fedora 8

- Bug fixes: Magnetic heading, Fedora 9 startup failure

- Bug fixes: File browsing, keyboard installation

7.18 17/11-2009

- Full support for upcoming Wassp v50

- Faster browsing of large directories

- Selective demo playback in demo mode

- Bug fixes: Wassp hardness calibration, database export, F11 keyboard

7.17 27/10-2009

- Partial support for Wassp v50, both 80kHz and 160kHz

- Improved Wassp fish detection and visualisation

- Faster and better Wassp hardness calibration

- Bug fixes: Fedora 11, Kongsberg tidal files

7.16 30/9-2009

- Manual database name ordering

- Optional heading output on port mentioned in headingport

- Bug fixes: Fedora 11, disk capacity

7.15 17/9-2009

- Supports Fedora 11

- Accepts new ChartWorld producer code 49

- Supports TSS DMS335 and Minisence CDL for Wassp attitude

- Stops recording Wassp raw data before disk runs full

- More lenient water current calibration, new helpful error messages

- Various WASSP improvements, but no support for 80kHz hardness yet

- Improved support for TSS DMS05 and its TSS1 sentence

- ROV heading optionally through NMEA HDT/HDM/HDG

- File browser remembers last directory and sorting mode for each device

- Minor: ROV heading, NMEA error count, RTK/DGPS correction timeouts

- Bug fixes: File browsing, database import, FC2/FC3 install authorizations

7.14 13/5-2009

- 3D watercolumn data from Wassp

- Selective disabling of vector charts

- Export and import of complete depth databases

- Supports IXSEA Octans and TSS DMS-05 for pitch, roll and heave

- Minor: AIS depth transfer, database management, relief colours

- Bug fixes: WASSP issues

7.13 4/2-2009

- New colorful palette for hardness and bottom zoom

- Normal resolution seafloor models for systems without WASSP or MBES

- Minor: Software API to create or delete plotter objects

- Bug fixes: 24-bit graphics, hardness scaling, WASSP attitude

7.12 16/1-2009

- Improved adaptive WASSP hardness calibration

- Bug fixes: File browser, MRU speed control

7.11 14/1-2009

- Official support for tidal files from the Norwegian Hydrographic Office

- File browser can remove or export files to removable media

- Experimental support for RTK-GPS as tidal reference

- Supports import of complete depth databases

- Minor: WASSP improvements, manoeuver log speed resolution

- Bug fixes: XML plotter data colors, database backup resolution

7.10 18/11-2008

- Self-learning adaptive calibration of WASSP seafloor hardness

- More careful handling of the Kongsberg MRU

- Experimental support for tidal files from the Norwegian Hydrographic Office

- More WASSP improvements: Pitch, Maretron, center filter, hardness errors

- Converts marks from the ECC Globe

- Bug fixes: Loran-C adjustments, profile graph hardness

- Bug fixes: USB memory sticks, water currents

7.9 26/9-2008

- Automatic logging of WASSP raw files

- Own ship position as either lat/lon or Loran-C

- Better support for JRC JLR-20 with WASSP

- Bug fixes: Intertidal mapping, slow poweroff

7.8 7/9-2008

- Numerous WASSP improvements

- Improved noise detection for WASSP and other multibeam sounders

- New center mode of ship onscreen position through middle mouse button

- Minor: Graceful exit when installing on untenable CF cards

- Minor: File browser sorts by either name or age

- Bug fixes: Loran-C, slow file browsing, map compilation on Fedora 9

7.7 10/7-2008

- Attitude corrected WASSP heave

- More complete support for Loran-C

- Combines Maretron and Furuno sensors for better WASSP pitch and roll

- Better support for raw files from older EM sounders like the EM1000 and EM12

7.6 19/5-2008

- Partial support for Loran-C

- Various WASSP improvements

- Minor: Better memory caching for CF-based computers

- Bug fixes: No caching if no CF, proper FDB and XYZ import recognition

7.5 1/4-2008

- Smoother operation on CF-based computers

- Supports JRC JRL-20 for WASSP attitude

- Various WASSP improvements

- Minor: ES60 zero temperature, optional maneuver logging

- Minor: Demo tides, HPR Cartesian E/N, mouse wheel

- Bug fixes: Pacific dateline, distant tides, multiple XYZ import

- Bug fixes: heading window, bluetooth discovery, malformed import files

- Bug fixes: Norwegian Obstructions Database

7.4 24/1-2008

- Supports Fedora 8

- Supports the WASSP multibeam sounder

- Depth database management through menues

- Corrects for delayed GPS positions

- Browser import of multibeam raw files and XYZ data

- Bug fixes: multiple boot entries, tides, slow CF based computers

7.3 22/10-2007

- Minor: French and Icelandic translations

- Bug fixes: Boot logo, file browser, 3D object shadows

7.2 26/9-2007

- Seagrass height mapping through ES60

- Optional shorter hardness radius

- Search and destroy old vs new soundings

- Improved extrapolation of sounding positions

- Fresh installs gets display choice at boot time

- Improved multibeam noise detection

- TAB key opens active mark for editing - for Kenneth Gaudet

- Individual chart removal

- Minor: Profiles, file browsing, vector chart building

- Bug fixes: Water current mapping, EM710 datagrams, vessel attitude

- Bug fixes: SOSI, map movement

7.1 2/7-2007

- Bug fix: Saving own depth script failed to store the data

7.0 21/6-2007

- Supports Fedora 7

- Full Russian translation

- Higher vertical depth database resolution

- Still better storage device handling, including CD/DVD image file browsing

- Lesser CPU load when ship locked to edge or center

- More ergonomic water speed calibration

- Minor: Spanish and Icelandic translations, XML routes and tracks

- Minor: ROV positioning via LinkQuest LQF, experimental SeaScan/RoxAnn graph

- Minor: simultaneous true and relative vind, heading via AIS

- Bug fixes: 16 and 24 bit relief, multibeam noise, spaces in directory names

- Bug fixes: depth window font, floppy detection, watercurrent map crash

- Bug fixes: 3D crash during language change or window/top menu reconfig

6.10 20/3-2007

- Configurable locking of own tracks

- Wider choice of AIS track lifespans

- Improved support for USB storage devices

- File browser displays sizes and time stamps

- Minor: AIS Class B names, current calibration, zip file error detection

- Bug fixes: foreign plotter data recognition, night mode AIS names

- Bug fixes: snag file converter, browser chrash on unreadable files

- Bug fixes: Primar permits, defective SOSI files

6.9 19/2-2007

- Allows creation of directories during storage handling

- Minor: Installation issues, storage ergonomics

- Bug fixes: snagfile converter, floppy handling, empty kartliste

6.8 4/2-2007

- Embryonic Russian support

- Improved support for AIS Class B

- Converts marks from C-Map-based plotters through XML

- Minor: Water speed from NMEA VBM, Primar/IC-ENC compilation, translations

- Bug fixes: Storage handling on FC2/FC3/FC4

6.7 25/1-2005

- Minor: Text messages, translations, S57 magnetic variation lines

- Bug fixes: Vector chart installation

6.6 24/1-2007

- First official release of the new storage handling system

- Improved ergonomics in case of erroneous system authentification

- Minor: Alaskan snagfile converter

- Bug fixes: S63 on systems older than RH8.0, install issues, translations

6.5 7/1-2007

- Supports Fedora Core 6

- Improved currents mapping

- Proper support for multiple Primar CDs

- Faster seafloor calculation in sparse areas

- Important bug fixes regarding large ChartWorld charts

- Important bug fixes regarding North American tidal data

- Easier id/nokkel-exchange during software installation

- Unfinished: Next-generation storage device handling

- Minor: Italian translations and fathoms, dual screen overview map

- Bug fixes: Simrad ES38-10, old style 3D

6.4 29/8-2006

- Takes GPS data from own ship AIS if no GPS directly attached

- Current related calibration of heading and water speed sensors

- Bug fixes: Animated lights, unicode fonts, network interfacing

- Minor: Japanese translations, water currents

6.3 8/8-2006

- Automatic water current detection and mapping

- Search and destroy stray soundings

- Bug fixes: Screenshots under FC5

- Minor: NMEA manufacturer id, heading, attitude

6.2 10/6-2006

- Plotter objects in 3D may be turned on or off

- Supports NMEA MWD as source of true wind

- Bug fixes: FC5 serial detection, plotter import, great circle 3D objects

- Minor: Large/small 3D objects, 3D ergonomics, track line smoothing

6.1 29/5-2006

- Supports the new XYZ88 depth datagram from Kongsberg multibeam sounders

- Improved and corrected smoothing of own ship track

- Bug fixes: FC5 RegenStore, own ship in 3D, keyboard position input

- Minor: Various ergonomics

6.0 15/5-2006

- Supports Fedora Core 5

- Better 3D camera ergonomics

- Converts ASCII plotter data from WinPlot

- Shows plotter objects and Arpa/AIS targets in modern 3D

- Many AIS improvements: depth transfer, track storage, sorted target list

- Bug fixes: AIS messaging, TCPA, locked tracks, plotter import

- Minor: Depth database resolution layout, RegenStore, SH80

5.39 21/2-2006

- Automatic transmission of depths to other boats over AIS

- Improved tides for Iceland, Thailand and Isle of Man

- Minor: AIS track colors, Spanish translations

- Bug fixes: multibeam, RoxAnn, ChartWorld in Exeter, tides

5.38 25/1-2006

- Improved automatic regeneration of lost seafloor database files

- Better GPS position type and quality details, especially for MBES

- Bug fixes: some 3D night colors, FC4 USB floppy, CPU temp, white screen

5.37 23/12-2005

- Darker 3D at night

- New 2D night relief mode

- Moon phase even when outside tidal range

- Minor: Autopilot XTE digits, relief, Greek language, MBES tides, water speed

- Bug fixes: EM710, auto 3D, script unicode, ChartWorld status, FC4 diskette

5.36 23/11-2005

- New auto 3D mode with depth dependent camera distance

- Constant 3D camera to ship angle

- Bug fixes: Chart building, CD timeout, relief, RegenStore, plotter import

- Minor: Faster startup, French translations, ChartWorld permits

5.35 24/10-2005

- Bug fixes: SELinux, chart building errors messages, fisheries database

5.34 13/10-2005

- Supports both Fedora and Red Hat versions back to RH6.1

- Space saving optimizations of foreign plotter data

- Improved search for bad depth data

- ChartWorld chart and permit summary

- Minor: 3D camera, dual screen, installer, sonar, FC4, charts, translations

- Bug fixes: Get camera, hardness percentage, SOSI, fisheries database

5.33 6/9-2005

- Minor: Vector chart timestamps, 3D camera behaviour

- Bug fixes: Fonts FC1/FC2, seafloor calculation, plotter import

5.32 29/8-2005

- Greek language support

- Much faster terrain modelling of dense areas

- Improved plotter data import from both CD and diskette

- Minor: AIS, UTF-8, FC4, VHW, Unicode, fonts, lights, S57 areas

- Bug fixes: Chart building, terrain profiling, busy CD

5.31 15/6-2005

- Tentative support for Fedora Core 4

- Minor: UTF-8, own ship tracking, S63

- Bug fixes: Autonav, plotter conversion

5.30 27/5-2005

- Imports foreign plotter data from diskettes

- Configurable flagging of own track start and stop

- Minor: Plot layers, Icelandic translations, S57, SOSI

5.29 18/5-2005

- Supports polygon constrained hardness removal

- Bug fixes: bottom zoom, SOSI, Trackpoint, rotated relief

5.28 20/4-2005

- Traditional or hot bottom zoom colors

- Configurable echosounder water sound speed

- Better support for hardness from JRC echosounders

- Improved plotter object selection by area or layer

- Minor: Colors, translations, baud rates, S63, non-latin characters

- Bug fixes: Volume calculation, hardness, multibeam, water temperature

5.27 30/3-2005

- Much improved relief mode

- AIS target names, if applicable

- Subtle background colours of names and texts

- Persistent static AIS data of other vessels

- Minor: Various speedups, ChartWorld names and permits, ES60 noise threshold

5.26 11/3-2005

- Bug fixes: ChartWorld permits, missing fiksturdata

5.25 10/3-2005

- Supports Fedora Core 3 with SCSI and SATA hard drives

- Faster zooming through partial screen redraws

- Selective export and import of plotter objects

- Faster import of vector charts

- Supports the ER60 with parameter polling

- Various ChartWorld improvements

- Minor: Translations, AIS, chart line features, 10% speedup due to new gcc

- Bug fixes: large vector chart sets, baud rates, soundings ownership, Lino

5.24 12/1-2005

- Multiple base CDs from S63 providers

- Easy way to erase S63 and S57 charts and permits

- Supports the ES60 38/200W extra wide transducers

- Alternate ES60 hardness algorithm better suited for wide transducers

- Minor: Maptech converter, ES60 errors, manual Turdata repair, translations

- Bug fixes: S63 permit providers, Sami placenames, S63 charts

5.23 9/11-2004

- Minor: SOSI, installer, Icelandic translations

- Bug fixes: Permits, charts from ChartWorld and 7C

5.22 15/10-2004

- User-selected depth range also for Lino

- Vind strength units according to language

- Minor: 3D camera, abortable chart compilation

- Bug fixes: Isometric 3D, chart building, AIS base station headings

5.21 21/9-2004

- Plot layers in Lino just as in Olex

- Imports SOSI land vector charts from CD

- Supports the Simrad EM3002 multibeam echosounder

- Flags bad soundings in multibeam raw data files

- Experimental seafloor hardness from JRC echosounders

- Adjusts serial line baud rates only the first five minutes

- Minor: French translations, demo files, data export, multibeam

- Bug fixes: ChartWorld light sector, national names, Simrad D1/D2/D3-depths

4.11 23/12-2002

- Shows the current lunar phase together with the tide

- Enhanced filtering of duplicated plotter objects

- Many important bug fixes regarding the date line in the Pacific Ocean

- May allow hardness calculation in shallow water if the shortest pulse length is used

- Small changes: Computers without serial ports, relief, xterm, small and large symbols

4.10 23/11-2002

- Repaired a bug which induced installation error with RH6.2

- Small changes: Mer defencive computer independent compiling

4.9 22/11-2002

- Several new echosounder transducers

- Better installation routines for RH80

- Can use USB floppy, configured by /etc/mtools.conf

- Compiled with gcc 3.2, 5 to 10% faster seafloor calculation

- Handles underwater targets from Trackpoint by NMEA PORE

- Recognizes NMEA WPL and TLL as ARPA-like special targets

- Small changes: Magnetic heading by NMEA HDG, video clock from DVCAM, relief

4.8 22/10-2002

- Various AIS improvements

- Suggests parameters for BI500 bottom values

- Improved relief: Finer contrast adjustment, left or right light source

- Bugfixes: ARPA names, graticule, triple clicking, NoDDC, range info

4.7 4/10-2002

- Adapted to Red Hat 8.0

- Automatic repair of damaged depth files

- Bugfixes: 3D exaggeration, graticule, special targets, XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps

4.6 8/9-2002

- Both distance and course under marker during ranging

- Better compression of large depth files by alternative seafloor data format

- Sets system clock during shutdown

- Tracking of e.g tuna helicopters  by NMEA $xxRMC

- Bugfixes: Date/time during installation, gyro heading, EM3000D

4.5 21/8-2002

- Ping buffer instead of time for hardness filtering

- More robust against defect CDs from C-MAP

- Many bugfixes: 3D trawl, vertical scaling, 3D camera

4.4 6/8-2002

- Various cosmetic improvements

- Bugfix: Rewinding of echo image

4.3 4/8-3003

- Better saving of large amounts of plotter data

- Clearer heading vector

- Simple system logging in the file startstopplog

- ES60: Plulse length adjusted depths, optional channel, improved support for 200 KHz

- Small stuff: Colour of own depths, RegenStore, special bugs in lagkart

4.2 1/7-2002

- Heading, roll and pitch from Thales satelite gyro

- Can show simulated mini echosounder instead of resent depth

- Can apply plotter layers to old and imported unlayered data

- Adapted to offisial compiling under RH73

- Shows different colours on own and imported contra CD shipped depth boxes

- Increased resolution of positioning for multibeam data

- Does not calculate ES60 hardness if the pulse length is too long

- Better and mor good-looking treatment of high and low quality ES60 depth measurements

- Primitive translater for nobletech and RS2500

- Small stuff: USB, temperature, 3D hardness, Raystar 590. HPR400, vector lines

4.1 16/5-2002

- Adapted to RH73 and XFree86 4.2

- Probes serial ports (PCI and USB) and language during first time installation

- Various work with AIS

- Improved handling of multibeam sounders

- Optional default colouring of own tracklines

- Accepts magnetic compass as heading if real gyro do not exist

- Accepts both relative and absolute radar ranging

- Small stuff: Depth decimals, urban areas, remote screendumps, profile, bottom zoom

4.0 13/2-2002

- Can be compiled in RH6.2 for complete backward compatibility

- Connection to multibeam is depending on the nokkel file

- Small bugfixes: Fast repetition of NMEA depths